ERPEN TANITIM YAZISI ERPEN A.Ş founded at 1993 as a manufacturer of polymer window and door in Gaziantep. The production facility which set up on 45 thousand sqm equipped with latest technology machines. Products conforming to international standards are manufactured with high capacity and meet with the end consumer via both of local and worldwide dealer network. The trade mark ERPEN with the state-of-the-art equipment, machinery and experienced management staff and workers, high-quality products are manufactured and administered by its 846 dealer and 11 regional offices and warehouses expanded domestically. ERPEN fulfill customer requirements by wide product range focused on high level productivity, develop and market innovative, ergonomic, economic and functional products In accordance with the ever-changing production technologies and market conditions, ERPEN production facilities is one of the biggest by its scale and installed capacity. All raw material, semi material and final analysis and endurance tests are held by own ERPEN high technology laboratories. ERPEN enlarge its aim more and more, by annually 5 million meter product stock capacity, parallel machine park with all high speed (90-110), high- technology and practical mould system which obtain 5 meter profile production per minute, cooling capacity of 3 million kilocalories and laminated profile production capacity of 40 meters per minute. FOR MORE INSULATION 2mm WIDER PROFILES. Erpen always aim to ahead by innovation and high quality production, for more insulation the profiles produced 2mm wider than the standard. Extra wide profile provides more heat insulation and sound proof. In the indoor, heat insulation saving the energy consumed for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. As the sound proof provide more peaceful living space. UNLEADED PRODUCTS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL AND HUMAN HEALTH. In the case of PVC products exposed to the sun for long time, it crumbled and spread out as dust including lead, and cause to problems in human health. Also PVC products which become scrap, spread emissions containing lead into the environmental during its transport, storage and burning. Due to its future perspectives ERPEN see the danger of the lead to the next generation and be in the front of unleaded production by producing all the profiles without lead to save environmental and human health.

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